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Macular Pucker and Hole

Chart Illustrating a Normal Macula Compared to a Macular Hole

What is a Macular Pucker?

A macular pucker is a condition that can lead to central blurring and distortion of the vision. This is due to a thin membrane covering the retina that can form over time from age-related changes within the eye. Typically, this condition is not vision threatening and treatment is not recommended unless it starts affecting activities of daily living.

Over time, a macular pucker may worsen and can be removed through surgery. Our doctor at Beach Cities Retina has extensive expertise on when surgery is needed for this condition and can guide you through treatment options.

What is a Macular Hole?

A macular hole is a condition where a small, microscopic hole forms in the centermost area of the retina, the macula. This condition is due to age related changes in the center and back of the eye and presents as painless central vision changes or loss of vision.

The presence of a hole is confirmed by examination and through advanced imaging equipment here at Beach Cities Retina. Surgery is nearly always recommended for this condition to seal the macular hole and improve central vision.

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